Monday, 30 November 2009


I've been busy tearing off the bottom of the newly built and painted cabinets in the dining room - this is entirely due to my laziness; basically i have been avoiding bending down to pull open the cupboard doors carefully with my paws and resorting to using the tip off my shoes. Until today that is - issue resolved (& no, I have not overcome my legendary idleness - or terribly bad back). Today i took delivery of
The Helter Handle from Webb

The smaller version on the right but in antique bronze as per the door handle on the left. Nanz eat your heart out, this Scot has an ever growing range of door furniture and I covet the lot.
The originally named 'Link' turning handle
The super cool 'Blimp' - this shall be the final barrier before my Gabinetto Segreto.

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