Thursday, 15 October 2009

On the subject of Thistles.....

......we have discovered the artist who will (by begging, reasoned debate & blackmail) be commissioned (she's super busy) to (I hope) paint a piece for the wall of our dining room.

Sarah Graham, a London based botanical artist, caught our attention at the Sims Reed gallery with a single, large-scale, iris which was a) unbelievable fresh & striking b) the perfect blue!

Stolen Fern, 2009. (65" by 44")

Amaryllis, 2009. (52.5" by 40")

Iris Frieze, 2008. (118" by 39")

Iris Frieze is exactly what I have in mind for the dining room; fingers crossed.   Those of the beady-eye among you will no doubt have bells ringing with regards to Sarah's work.........look no further than Bunny William's Kips Bay show room - a heavily discussed topic earlier in the year.   William's used a pair of flowering Artichokes either side of the fireplace; they somewhat stole the show.

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