Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Algernon Newton

The Bracegirdles remind me too of the works of Algernon Newton (1880 - 1968) who had a similar ability to unsettle the viewer - difficult to describe but they have the effect of suggesting that a great event has either just happened or will any minute:

Image courtesy John Adams Fine Art


  1. These too are arresting. Interesting the photographic image has always be a true record of what is seen-Now with photoshop we have nothing quite as honest. These paintings have a sort of quality of recording the scene, yet there is something in each that convinces otherwise- more beautiful than or less than. Another wonderful new intro. I am enjoying your posts immensely.Love Amelai Handegan also. GT

  2. These are indeed very interesting. I shall do some research. Thanks for visiting my blog.