Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Peak of Chic - Tent Obsession

A couple of weeks ago I charged madly around my picture files trying to track down (I failed) pictures of an Edwardian tented wardrobe we had in stock a couple of years ago; it was a version of a Victorian stripped beach hut with an ogee dome and striped fabric - too cool and something someone will copy sometime soon, no doubt.

Anyway, I much enjoyed all of the images posted


What joys and raptures it was to spend Saturday nights celebrating a country wedding by being transported to the midst of the Sahara........

The following couple of (poor) pictures are taken from the marquee companies website - we were not squinting through an orange haze, I assure you - and are the exact version of the tent in which we drank splendidly, ate till popping and reveled in true Dionysian spirit.

Much as I would love to post pictures of the tent itself a) it wasn't my party b) the camera failed - a bad workman etc!

Oh!   And it had large Oushak type carpets as flooring but not this disparate low level tables and seating!

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