Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Sezincote II

Sezincote have their own website with a decidedly Indian slant to their photographs - click the first word - but the garden is not well represented.   I'm also going to have to dig out my dissertation and see what else I have forgotten.........   Thinking about it, after certain elements in the garden were stolen (I had a hand in their return) this is hardly surprising.

These pictures are from the now seemingly defunct www.bethdow.com

Again, train of thought takes over and I've noticed that snake - that's not to say I hadn't spotted it before - but it reminds me of this pair of snakes in bronze that I viewed yesterday at Sothebys about which I have a theory

They are, uncatalogued, the newel posts of a staircase......   Basically the bannister would have run through the middle of the curled tail and come to rest in the pit above the eyes of the snakes head.

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