Thursday, 17 September 2009

Potterton Books - World of Interiors

The tempting little literary emporium just round the corner from me just sent out this email - for the slight sum of £950 to full run of Interiors can be yours.

If only this had come a few years back before we started piecing a collection together from junk shop and Oxfam finds.

However, still on the subject of Potterton Books we took delivery of a ready made library last night - well it has extended my already bursting at the seems collection by another 4 feet - the result of dear dear friends buying books for our wedding presents; oh happy joyous day!


  1. Oh, if only I had a spare £950 ($2000.00?) lying about!!! I love World Of Interiors. Ever since House & Garden closed, it's the only shelter magazine that I buy consistently and look forward to reading. They're the only ones that showcase truly creative, beautiful and interesting interiors. It's a shame that my bookstore here in the states always gets them a month late!

    X Lauren

  2. I'd been wondering why the US H&G hadn't been for sale in London - what a pity as it was firmly the only other magazine I really looked forward to.

    This run sold instantly! And they are searching for more.