Friday, 7 August 2009

Bastardising the old

Hollister Hovey's blog ( has just flagged up the coolest iPhone case around - a home-made alligator skin cover - which reminds me of how many Victorian & Edwardian cigar cases one sees kicking about boot-sales & antiques markets; can these be bastardised????

It's not the greatest shot but you get the gist....apparently the guy who made it has also done a version in shagreen - that I'd love to see.   Out with the needle and thread tonight!


  1. I saw your comment about Rose Uniacke, Do you know her mother's shop too, Hilary Batstone? It is also wonderful!

  2. I did indeed - taste obviously runs in the family! She seems to have the painters in at the moment; the entire Pimlico Road is like a ghost town in fact.