Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Favourite houses

The Entrance of Harry Blackmer's apartment, Athens.   Photographed by James Mortimer for World of Interiors in May 1983. 


  1. As you probably know from the article, the interiors were partly done by an American artist, Charles Shoup. He designed a paradise of a villa for himself at Cavogallo near Koroni in Greece. It was profiled in Architectural Design (1989), Architectural Digest (1990) and the gardens were profiled in the UK House and Garden at the same time.

    Alas, he has sold it, let's hope to a fellow aesthete:

  2. Sounds wonderful - sadly my AD's don't go back that far - slightly like Axel Munthe's Capri house.....

  3. I knew Charles Shoup when he was building the house and before 1958/9 when he made a 'nest' in the walls of the castle. I was lucky to stay and enjoy that miraculously beautiful Cavogallo. We lost touch and I would love to contact him. He was a huge influence on my life, a genius. Any news of him would be cherished.
    Imogen@langarhall.co.uk www.langarhall.com