Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Blogging On / Off the List

Whilst an avid reader in the blogging world this is a first excursion into uploading - lets see how the RSI puts up with it - and promoting my website via mediums beyond word-of-mouth; though perhaps blogging is the natural progression of personal recommendations. is the result of years of voracious antique buying around the UK; no auction, dealership or junk shop (a favourite haunt) failed to keep a gem buried or kitsch ceramic unpurchased.   Subsequently, the house began to bulge at its seems and my more formal selling outlets were never going to be suitable showrooms for the whimsy and delight of my ever expanding collection.   The lady in my life, I discovered, began to dig into drawers and siphon off surfaces suitable trinkets for presents and through her unintended genius Off the List was born!

The name derives from the (oft frowned upon) decision to buy presents for Bride's & Groom's outside of their formal wedding list; the place where friends and family - those who really know the individuals - can free the reigns and give something that's unlikely to be forgotten and most importantly, the recipients will not forget who gave it to them!

What, you may cry, can we find in this treasure trove..........



  1. Cracking website used it to buy a Wedding Present for a buddy getting married in the UK (i'm in HK). Went down a storm.

    Good work.

  2. I just popped over here from the Aesthete's comments today. I know I am going to enjoy your Off the List. PGT