Thursday, 27 August 2009

Still charging

This is the picture that started this bull thing off - bought for stock but now propped among my Indian collection of pictures whilst we debate if it will fit in with the late 18th / early 19th collection of topographical landscapes in our drawing room.   This image does it no justice, though it is in fact the only image I saw of it before buying it 'blind', in the flesh it has a depth of paint that gives it fantastic charm and suggests a more capable hand than expected.

I have always wanted one of Francois Pompon' (1855 - 1933) Indian Runner Ducks but this is pretty wonderful too, though I cannot work out what the streams down the sides are?

Utterly spectacular - Ancient Persian.

I do not have a picture at hand but the painting would, now I think about it, sit very well beside a pair of polychrome painted carved Nandi bulls bought in my favourite Sri Lankan city of Galle - decided, it shall remain! 

What was it AAl "de" or not to de (missed that but was directed by the capable Little Augury - my thanks)

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