Friday, 7 August 2009

Still in the dark.....

 ....... as to what has been added to the coffers; all that returned to the house last night was a cake stand!   Not an addition to the emporium but an apparently essential tool at an upcoming Hen - the house is to be transformed into a coop for a weekend of female revelry; I shalln't be seen for dust!

I had a sudden moment of clarity during the storms last night and put a face to a memory.   Whilst at a wedding a couple of weeks ago in the basking sun (remember that bright, heat generating, carcinogenic thing in the sky?) we dropped into Port Isaac for lunch and discovered a gem of a shop there called Hooper & Shaw "An Emporium of wonderful things".

 Run by a couple of creative souls, they supplied us with the perfect 30th birthday present for the Boss' NBF (new best friend) - I've known her for years but have been entirely written out of earlier history - a 'Love me love my dog' screenprint in lipstick red with a perfect Dachshund in white.

Anyway, we had a long chat and all the while I was thinking 'I know these people' and even their names rang a cut a long (no doubt boring) story short they used to live above a shop I worked in in Fulham by the name of RK Alliston.   The ultimate gardening shop.

My visual memory - once again - triumphs over the part that recalls names!

Most importantly however, is how I can use their design skills to add a little 'je ne sais quoi' to Off the List.   Answers on a postcard.

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