Friday, 21 August 2009

Dining room lights

We have inherited ceiling mounted spots with our dining room (previously a bedroom) which are utterly loathsome; how to resolve?

The walls are painted one of the multitude of whites available on the market - Paper & Paints I think - with the woodwork, coving and pair of multi-paned sash windows all in a deep rich dark(ish) blue.   The room is square with a chimney breast on one wall (next project to remove and replace existing surround) and is waiting on the perfect round dining table:

a)   Because I don't like our existing one

b)   Because it will limit the numbers she insists on inviting; I can only really manage 6 - 8 at a max.   Am I terribly dull!

c)   Because it gives me good reason to hunt.....

So back to the lights.   The spots will go to be replaced by what?   There are obviously a number of options - as many as paint colours on the market - however I do have some old friends kicking around in the stores which. I feel, need to move from project-in-the-offing to project on the bench and with a home to go to.   One of these is a silver-plate hexagonal framework for a hanging light like this one in Cindy Crawford's house, decorated by Mr. Smith

Mine is slightly more elegant and most likely English but lacks - and here's the rub - chains, light pendant and most of the material, it does, however retain a wonderful sliver trim

which would hang about the bottom of the fabric 'tube' - I envisage this being blue to match the woodwork at the exterior and white inside to shine a pool of light onto the table top........

Then nothing more than candles on the table and side lamps around the room.

It suddenly occurs that it might appear like we were having a seance every dinner party!!!!

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  1. Just discovered you via Aesthete's Lament. I lived in the UK for a while and LOVED heading out early on the weekends to the local car boot or church jumble sale. I shipped so much stuff, including a chandelier, back to the States when I moved back.

    I'll be checking back with you all frequently!