Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Niall Hobbhouse, Hadspen in it's previous clothing.

I've been back to look at all of these images after a posting by An Aesthete's Lament, who posted a wonderful picture of Antoine Potier, circa 1790.   The question / statement was the amazing freshness of an interior (exterior to be strict) depicted two hundred years ago & how still we use and remain fascinated by the exotic; something I am entirely subject to.   As were, evidently, Blackmer & Hobhouse.   However, Blackmer is sadly no longer with us though pieces from his house do periodically pop up on the market & Hobhouse seems to have de-cluttered; the contents of Hadspen (Somerset) were sold through Christies last year.

Will I de-clutter.....ever?   I get closer and closer with each day. 


  1. to "de" or not to de. It is a Not for now- the Aesthete had a great quote on this clutter fetish about a week or even less ago, which you likely saw. It is a dilemma. These images are wonderful especially the last one, though the first is a close second. la

  2. Ha - I missed that!

    We had a long an earnest discussion about doing a house sale last night; tickle up the furniture that needs it, get in a decent snapper, try to sell the pictures to a magazine and have Christies / Sothebys or a country saleroom flog the lot and then RE-clutter.