Saturday, 15 August 2009

Studio Job's Factory

I have to get myself one of these!

This is one Studio Job's - a Dutch based design duo -  pieces from their Robber Baron series which I had come across early last year and then forgotten about. I rediscovered the work whilst researching the US embassy's planned move south of the river and got totally sidetracked by the Power Station.

Isn't this legendary, it's also pretty expensive but as a piece I'd rate it high on accruing major value over the years - a future antique.

The other piece I'd get from the five piece collection is the Cabinet:

Which appears to have gotten on the wrong side of a loaded canon!   It reminds me of a rather plain bell tower in Bratislava with a Napoleonic era cannonball lodged in its side - much like a rather fetching beauty spot.

I may have to find myself a Boulle cabinet to sit as the pair to the piece!

1 comment:

  1. the series is incredible.

    i'll email you an image of an enormous print i picked up via studio job of the robber baron series. it's framed in a gigantic plexi vitrine.

    wonderful blog, btw.